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          Ҫʤһը4ըˡͳʾ2018ҹ˾кܴУҿȹͲС䴴ʼƵġҪ10гĿijʵ֡ǵгһã䳤Զ壬ҿϵĿʵ,The joint undertaking of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) entered a new phase this year. The symposium marking the fifth anniversary of the BRI was held. General Secretary Xi Jinping, the chief architect of the BRI, attended and addressed the symposium. He pointed out that after five years of efforts in laying the groundwork and establishing the comprehensive framework, the BRI was entering the phase of solid progress and sustained growth poised to achieve higher quality development. The General Secretary set the bar higher for the BRI development and pointed the way forward. Following the guiding principles in his remarks, we have worked to deepen and enrich the cooperation under the BRI. Over the past year, more friends have joined in the initiative: another 50-plus countries and international organizations signed the cooperation documents, raising the total number of such documents to over 140. The BRI spirit was incorporated into the outcome documents of important international institutions including the United Nations, the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Asia-Europe Meeting, and is increasingly becoming a consensus for international cooperation. Notable progress has been made on a large number of priority projects covering connectivity building and industrial park cooperation, including the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, China-Myanmar Economic Corridor, China-Laos Railway, China-Europe Railway Express, the Piraeus Port and the Hambantota Port. Third-party cooperation under the BRI framework is also well underway in Europe, Asia and Africa.,ѧ贼αѧĿѧʷ׳ʣŸԵѧҲУ԰С







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